Bachelor of Science in Health Science Studies

Program Contact: Jason Scozzafava 203-582-7663

The Health Science Studies bachelor's degree program is designed for students entering the School of Health Sciences who have interest in health care/health science related career paths. Upon admission, students choosing this option are assigned to academic advisers who will assist them in designing a customized program to meet their career goals. A strong emphasis on individualized academic advising is at the core of this program.

First-year students are automatically enrolled in a career exploration course to help them increase the breadth and depth of their professional interests. By their second year, students choose between the Clinical Preparation Track, Exercise & Nutrition Track, or the most flexible, Health & Science Track. This decision may change at anytime during their undergraduate program. A select number of students accepted into the Health Science Studies major may be invited into the Physician Assistant (PA) Prep Track. The student-adviser relationship provides opportunity and support for each student, while pursuing their goals within the Quinnipiac University educational experience. 

All students are strongly encouraged to declare a minor early in their undergraduate program to help broaden their foundational knowledge to help prepare them for their future careers or graduate programs. Qualified students have applied and attended graduate programs such as medical school, dental school, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutrition, social work, speech language pathology, genetic counseling, medical laboratory sciences, pathology assistant or one of the many other health care related programs. Successful students have been accepted into combination programs such as the Dual-Degree BS/MBA (4+1) Health Care Management program, Accelerated Dual-Degree BS/JD (3+3) Pre-Law program, and Accelerated Dual-Degree BS/MSW (3+2) Master of Social Work program. Other options are to prepare for application to Accelerated BSN program for Second-Degree Students Nursing BS, or apply for a double major in health science studies along with psychology or sociology. The flexibility of program allows students the option to graduate early by taking summer and or J-term classes.

Students completing this bachelor’s degree may also qualify for employment in the health science or health care related professions with or without direct patient interaction. Some examples would be as research assistant, biotechnology industry position, pharmaceutical/medical sales, community public health worker, environmental health advocate and more. We have also seen an increase in graduates of BS programs choosing to do a “Gap” year and work entry-level jobs such as patient care associate, pharmacy technician and physical therapy assistant.    

Mission Statement

The mission of the Health Science Studies bachelor’s degree program is to facilitate and enrich students’ development into knowledgeable, proficient and culturally competent interprofessional collaborators, who are leaders and lifelong learners, equally prepared for advanced health care education or direct entry into a health science career.