Interim Measures

Quinnipiac recognizes that its philosophy is linked with the protection of its students, faculty, staff and property. The vice president and dean of students or designee has the authority to issue interim measures when there is a threat to safety or due to the severity of the underlying incident.

Interim Disciplinary Suspensions

A student organization may not hold any events during the interim disciplinary suspension. An order is inclusive of all new and initiated members at all events including social, philanthropic, sisterhood/brotherhood, educational, as well as general chapter or organization business/adviser meetings, or any event a reasonable observer would deem a student organization event.

Requests for any chapter activities must be made in writing to the office of campus life and approved in writing by the staff. The student organization will be notified following the investigation and/or the student organization conduct process of its status moving forward.

No Contact Orders

The No Contact Order is a written directive on behalf of the university halting communication between current students during the course of an investigation or following the outcome of an investigation.

This includes any physical contact or communication including but not limited to, physical contact (with person or property), telephone calls, voice mail, text and e-mail messages, all electronic communications, letters, parcels and notes. Failure to comply with the directive may result in a violation of the Code of Conduct. Students will be notified at the conclusion of the student organization investigation and/or student organization conduct meeting should there be a change of status in the No Contact Order.