In the event of an alleged violation of university policy (including, but not limited to, the Student Code of Conduct, Student Organization Requirements, Student Organization Privileges, Student Organization Policies) by a student organization, the incident may by investigated by The Division of Student Affairs or Public Safety.

Violations of university policy are considered organizational violations if one or more of the items below are present:

  • The organization adviser, organizational officers or members of the organization are aware of an incident that is a potential violation before it takes place with advance knowledge to prevent its occurrence, but do not prohibit the incident from happening.
  • The organization adviser or any of the organizational officers or any general members of the organization are aware of the identity of organization members involved in the incident but refuse to divulge the identity to the appropriate university authorities.
  • The incident involves the expenditure of organization funds either formally or informally.
  • The incident is endorsed by members of the organization in any way.
  • The incident takes place during a scheduled organizational event or meeting.
  • The incident involves adherence to organizational policies stated in this handbook or discussed during organizational training sessions conducted by the Office of Campus Life.
  • That the alleged misconduct can be reasonably associated with the organization.