Master of Science in Teacher Leadership

Program Contact: Gail Gilmore 203-582-3289

The online Master of Science in Teacher Leadership program, offered through the School of Education, intends to prepare teacher leaders who have a clear vision of the educated person and can work collaboratively with others toward aligning students’ experiences and school programs to support that vision. The objectives of the program are aligned with the standards of the Educational Leadership Constituent Council.

Graduates will understand current research on learning theory and human motivation and be able to promote the continuous improvement of student learning. They will value and understand diverse perspectives, establish goals and work cooperatively with colleagues and school administrators to improve the quality of school programs, and utilize multiple strategies to help shape the school culture in a way that fosters collaboration among all stakeholders to establish rigorous academic standards for all students.

The program consists of a planned sequence of 30 credits. The first 21 credits are required of all candidates and focus on the following themes:

  • Transforming School Culture
  • Leading Instruction to Improve Student Learning
  • Understanding Research on Best Practices in Literacy Instruction
  • Embracing Diversity in Classroom and School Communities
  • Leading School Improvement

The additional 9 credits in the program are related to the teacher’s area of specialization, including literacy leadership, mathematics leadership, program improvement or science leadership. Each area of specialization has its own capstone experience.

MS in Teacher Leadership Curriculum

Required Courses
EDL 501Teacher Leadership to Transform School Culture3
EDL 503Leading the Instructional Program to Improve Student Learning6
EDL 505Research-based Literacy Practices3
EDL 509Leading School Improvement6
EDL 525Diversity in the Classroom and School Community3
Specialization Courses
Complete the reqirements of the appropriate specialization9
Total Credits30

Literacy Leadership Specialization

EDL 511Cycles of Inquiry within the Literacy Classroom3
EDL 513Coaching Teachers of Literacy3
EDL 515Action Research in Literacy Leadership3
Total Credits9

Mathematics Leadership Specialization

EDL 517Cycles of Inquiry within the Mathematics Classroom3
EDL 519Coaching Teachers of Mathematics3
EDL 521Action Research in Mathematics Leadership3
Total Credits9

Program Improvement Leadership Specialization

EDL 523Leading Organizational Learning3
EDL 527Financing Program Improvement Initiatives3
EDL 529Educational Program Evaluation3
Total Credits9

Science Leadership Specialization 

ED 512Disciplinary Core Ideas, Scientific and Engineering Practices, and Crosscutting Concepts (may be waived at director's discretion)2
EDL 531Cycles of Inquiry within the Science Classroom3
EDL 532Coaching Teachers of Science3
EDL 533Action Research in Science Leadership3


Applications for the online Master of Science in Teacher Leadership program are considered on a rolling basis, and students may apply to enter during the fall or spring semesters. Candidates are encouraged to submit applications as early as possible to ensure consideration for the semester desired.

To qualify for admission to the program, students must:

  • have earned a bachelor’s degree in education or a related field from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • have a record of excellent teaching as evidenced by recommendations of supervisors
  • demonstrate satisfactory writing skills as evidenced by a written essay
  • demonstrate satisfactory dispositions concerning the value of diversity, the efficacy of teacher leaders, and the belief that all children can learn as evidenced by a written essay and during the application interview

In addition to an application for admission, students also must submit:

  1. official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work completed
  2. a letter of intent
  3. resume
  4. two letters of recommendation
  5. application fee
  6. essay

The School of Education is fully accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). The U.S. Department of Education recognizes NCATE as a specialized accrediting body for schools, colleges and departments of education.