Graduate Certificate in Social Media

Program Contact: Phillip Simon 203-582-8274

The Graduate Certificate in Social Media is primarily directed at two types of students. The first are professionals who realize that social media skills can add value to their existing professional toolkit. The second are individuals who are tasked by their organizations to take on responsibility for a new social media function. These individuals are looking for an educational experience that is more substantial than a conference, to get both a foundational underpinning and actionable tools and structures that they can deploy within their workplace.

To be eligible for the Graduate Certificate in Social Media, a student needs to have received an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university.

Admission to the certificate program is based on completion of an admission application, submission of an official transcript for an undergraduate degree; and a professional resume.

Graduate Certificate in Social Media
Program of Study

The Graduate Certificate in Social Media requires completion of 9 credits. Those who are at the beginning of their professional experience should take ICM 522 first.

ICM 513Content Strategy3
ICM 522Social Media Practice and Techniques3
ICM 524Social Media Analytics3