Certificate in Long-Term Care Administration

Program Contact: D'Lisa McKee 203-582-7913

Individuals who wish to become licensed nursing home administrators in the state of Connecticut must pass a licensure examination offered by the Department of Public Health. To be eligible for this examination, applicants must complete either the master’s degree with HM 669 as part of the degree program and a 500-hour residency requirement or the non-degree Certificate in Long-Term Care Administration.

The certificate course of study consists of two components: an academic course and a 900-hour residency in a skilled nursing facility. The academic course, HM 669, is generally offered once a year in the fall semester.

The residency program is offered in a two-course sequence—HM 790 and HM 791, each of which grants 450 hours of residency (for 4 credits each). Two restrictions apply to the residency program. First, the residency must be started within one year of the completion of the academic course. (Students may petition the Department of Public Health in writing if there is justification to begin the residency at another time.) Second, at least one half of the residency (450 hours) must be completed at a site where the student has had no previous financial or employment relationship. Information on this program is available in the Office of Graduate Admissions. 

Long-Term Care Administration Certificate
Program of Study

Required Courses
HM 669Organization and Management of Long-Term Care Facilities3
HM 790Residency I (non-degree students only)4
HM 791Residency II4
Total Credits11