A Student-Oriented University

Quinnipiac is committed to making each student’s experience a satisfying and rewarding one. It strives to do this in both personal and academic contexts. Students are represented on all key bodies involved in decision making, including the Board of Trustees.

The Student Government Association is involved in fundamental university issues, as well as ongoing campus events. Activity clubs, organizations, societies, fraternities, sororities and ethnic, religious, cultural and political groups all play important roles in the day-to-­day life of the community.

In keeping with the value system at Quinnipiac, emphasis is on the individual, not on social or economic standing. Students are selected solely on the basis of merit and qualifications, with major consideration given to the innate qualities of motivation and character.

As a result, the student body reflects a wide spectrum of racial, religious and economic backgrounds, personalities and lifestyles that provide diverse social and cultural experiences. The cosmopolitan student community represents 48 states throughout the United States as well as 42 countries abroad.