University Curriculum and College of Arts & Sciences Requirements

The College of Arts and Sciences offers two tracks: the liberal arts track and the sciences track. Students on either track are required to pursue a balanced program of study, as described below.

Sciences Track

The requirements listed below apply to students who are pursuing the BS in biochemistry, biology, chemistry or behavioral neuroscience.

Students, in consultation with their advisers, select courses to satisfy the UC requirements in conjunction with their major requirements in the natural sciences. In contrast to students in the liberal arts track, students are advised to enroll in their science core in the first semester of their freshman year.

Whatever their intended major, students in the sciences track should understand that many of their introductory courses are available only as sequential, fall/spring offerings. For example,
BIO 101 and CHE 110 are offered only in the fall, and BIO 102 and CHE 111 are offered only in the spring. Further, advanced courses absolutely require the introductory courses as prerequisites.

Because of these curriculum considerations, students are well advised to review the suggested four-year curriculum for their major in the University Catalog, as well as take full advantage of the recommendations of their faculty adviser.