Minor in Gerontology

Program Contact: Catherine Richards Solomon   203-582-5264

The minor in Gerontology familiarizes you with one of our society’s most prevalent issues: the dramatic increase in its aging population. Interdisciplinary courses teach you about the many dimensions of the aging process, and help you to understand the range of social, psychological and physiological issues facing our country’s advanced-age population. You’ll gain the skills to interpret and perform statistical analysis and research, as well as learn about the variety of programs, products, services and other resources available to older adults.

The study of gerontology complements a range of majors, including law, sociology, psychology and public health. Whether your primary interest includes the direct care of seniors, or the legislature that protects them, a variety of electives enable you to focus on an area most related to your goals. The Gerontology minor opens the door to future volunteering opportunities, or to careers dedicated to making a direct, positive impact on the lives of the elderly and their families.