Minor in Criminal Justice

Program Contact: Steve McGuinn 203-582-8415

Exploring fundamental issues inherent in the criminal justice system provides valuable insight into some of today’s most complex societal challenges, including growth of the prison population and the ever-increasing number of formerly incarcerated individuals returning to communities. From the role mental illness plays in crime to the impact of drugs and alcohol on our communities, this minor examines an eclectic array of crime and justice topics that complement many majors including sociology, political science and psychology.

You’ll have the flexibility to shape the program in a way that reflects your interests and enhances your professional goals, and you’ll have plenty of support and guidance from a faculty with a broad range of expertise in the criminal justice field. You will meet one-on-one with the program director, and together design a minor that’s right for you, choosing from a varied selection of courses such as Crime and Media, Sexual Violence, Organized Crime and Investigative Techniques.