Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Program Contact: Steve McGuinn   203-582-8415

The criminal justice degree program offers students a comprehensive examination into law breaking behavior, crime as a social phenomenon, and methods of social control. Students complete coursework ranging from the evaluation of institutions of formal social control, such as policing, courts and corrections, to advocating for crime victims. The program places particular emphasis on experiential learning through its carefully structured internships and its community-based coursework. Upon successful degree completion, students are prepared to pursue advanced degrees (in a variety of areas including law school and social work) or assume careers in fields such as policing, corrections, law, social work, public administration, teaching, international peacekeeping and other areas of public policy related to crime, victimization and the administration of justice. Graduates who pursue careers outside the criminal justice field gain transferrable skills—critical thinking, problem identification, advanced oral and written communication—that are fundamental to success in any career.