Minor in Law in Society

Program Contact: Jill E. Martin    203-582-8712

The minor in Law in Society is offered for students who are interested in learning more about law and the American legal system. Law is the binding force in society. It reflects the values of society and is constantly changing as society changes. Law deals with issues such as justice, equity and the balance between the rights of individuals and the public interest. Students will learn of their legal rights and responsibilities in today’s society. This minor introduces students to the historical and current issues facing society through its legal system. The minor is not designed to prepare students to work as paralegals and is not approved by the American Bar Association.

Law in Society Minor Curriculum

Required courses
LE 101Introduction to the American Legal System3
LE 211Legal Reasoning, Research and Writing I3
Elective courses
Select 12 credits of LE courses. At least 6 credits must be at the 300 level 112
Total Credits18

Electives may be taken from all legal studies courses, except LE 485 - Minors may not take LE 485.

Students must meet the prerequisites for elective courses.

Other courses that may be used as electives
No more than one from this list:
LW 221Business Law and Society3
LW 322The Law of Property, Sales and Negotiable Instruments3
MSS 340Communications Law and Policy3
PL 202Logical Reasoning3
PS 383Psychology and the Law3
SO 383Sociology of Law3