Personal Success Plans and ePortfolios

The personal success plan is a narrative that students create, reflect upon and revise throughout their undergraduate experience at Quinnipiac University. The plan promotes intentional and integrative learning and facilitates meaningful discussions between students and academic and nonacademic advisers about student growth and development as an undergraduate. The plan strengthens each student’s ability to clearly communicate knowledge, skills and expertise to graduate school admissions committees or prospective employers.

Electronic portfolios are personalized, integrative, web-based collections of academic and cocurricular activity. ePortfolios are multimodal and flexible; virtually any type of content can be posted and students customize the appearance. ePortfolios play an important role in a robust assessment strategy. Quinnipiac undergraduates utilize ePortfolios to document and assess student achievement of the essential learning outcomes and program learning outcomes as they progress and develop their individualized personal success plans.